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Let's face it. Many supplements are bad for you. My Physique Collection  provides you with the essential building blocks to a pure, strong and healthy lifestyle. Masterfully crafted from the most effective ingredients to help you reach your fitness goals in the healthiest way possible. I want you to create a life that not only looks incredible on the outside, but feels good on the inside as well.  


Know more about the inspiring story of model Sky Sins...

Sky Sins is a 25-year-old Indian origin entrepreneur and Instagram sensation who's built an international fitness brand that's inspiring the youth to dream big, work hard and live well. He underwent his fitness transformation from a kid with low self-esteem to a fitness cover model by the time he was 18.

Sky Sins On Becoming A Fitness Sensation And Breaking Barriers In Entrepreneurship

He is one of the most renowned names in the fitness and lifestyle industry. A global influencer and entrepreneur, Sky Sins is breaking barriers and setting benchmarks at just age 25. Read on...

Sky Sins talks about building an authentic fitness brand for the modern man

The fitness industry is changing rapidly thanks to technology, and there are more fitness influencers popping up than ever before. We see influencers promote brand and after brand and it leaves the end consumer wondering whether these endorsements are even genuine? Sky Sins, on the other hand is more than just another fitness influencer.

Sky Sins is helping people live their best lives

Sins was able to snag the cover of Men's Health India at 18, a testament to his work ethic and ambition. Sky Sins is an international model, social media influencer and is the CEO and founder of Physique Collection by Sky, which offers premium, natural supplements to those interested in achieving their fitness goals living a more healthy lifestyle.

Sky Sins - Cosmopolitan

What do you do? I'm an entrepreneur, model and content creator. I also created a nutrition brand called Physique Collection by Sky, which is focused on providing natural supplements to help people reach their fitness goals in a healthy way. What was your reaction when you were named one of COSMO's Sexiest Men 2019?