Product Details

Build Lean Muscle & Supercharge Recovery 

Increase lean muscle with 25g of the highest quality grass-fed whey protein from the USA. Our formula is made from premium fast digesting whey protein isolates and hydrolysates for the best results. Each serving contains 5.7g of naturally occurring BCAAs  & 16.28g of EAAs to help your muscles recover and get stronger.  

Ultra Lean 

Skyluxe Iso-whey is extremely low in carbs and fats making it the ideal supplement to build lean muscle and lose fat. Have it as a post-workout shake, add it oats or enjoy it as a mid day snack to boost your protein intake. 

Easy Digestion and Maximum Absorption 

Our whey protein is very low in lactose making it easy to digest. We also added complex digestive enzymes to improve protein absorption which means you'll build more lean muscle mass and get better results. 

Enriched with Vitamins for Healthy Living 

Skyluxe Iso-whey also contains 16 vitamins and minerals to improve your overall health and keep you physically/mentally strong while protecting your immune system.